Robert Unterköfler - Rote Welt

01 Miss Minimi / Minimissimi 1
02 32-2-41/42
03 Grote
04 Bentschemuh
05 NL B 1
06 SPF #1
08 Miss Minimi / Minimissimi 2
09 Heef u nog iets nodig?
10 Oi!
11 Miss Minimi / Minimissimi 3
12 Zerreißen
13 Zirkel

Robert Unterköfler – saxophone and composition
Christopher Pawluk – guitar
Tobias Meissl – vibraphone
Robin Gadermaier – electric bass
Valentin Duit – drums

Mixing and Mastering: Werner Angerer
Cover: Irene Reichart
recorded by: Robert Pavlecka; assistend: Suzanne Wirtisch
recorded on 3.,4.,5., september 2018 @ ORF RadioKulturhaus

Robert Unterköfler Quintett

Rote Welt is the name of the new program of Austrian tenor saxophonist Robert Unterköfler. For this project he got together with four of the most exciting young jazz-players of the Viennese music scene to create honest and true music. Their music, which is expressed through original compositions with much room for improvisation, means to show a world of nihilism, where everything is possible but nothing is mandatory.

Robert Unterköfler – tenor and soprano saxophone, composition
Christopher Pawluk – e-guitar
Tobias Meissl – vibraphone
Robin Gadermaier – e-bass
Valentin Duit – drums