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r i v e r

r i v e r is a new formation founded by saxophonist Robert Unterköfler and electric bassist Nina Feldgrill. Together with their bandcolleagues Erik Asatrian on keys and Simon Springer on drums the quartet presents originals by all the bandmembers. The music can be classified as fusion-jazz, however, the individual and artistic personality of each member leads to an overall distinctive bandsound. The audience awaits virtuosic, wild moments, which in combination with soft spots create a special listening experience.

Nina Feldgrill: e-bass

Robert Unterköfler: saxophone

Erik Asatrian: keys

Simon Springer: drums


Supported by SKE and Land Kärnten Kultur

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Upcoming Performances

27.07 Porgy & Bess, Vienna

01.08. Outreach Festival, Tyrol

12.09. Take the A-Train Festival, Salzburg

20.09. Herbstgold Festival, Burgenland

26.09. Mädchenbühne, Vienna

12.10. ZWE, Vienna

22.11. Radiokulturhaus – 5 Mio Pesos, Vienna

Prizes / Important Performances

In 2023 river was honored with one out of three art-sponsorships “arte4artists”, which was initiated by the Arte Hotel Company. The band was invited to perform therefor at the Arte Hotel Salzburg.
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The quartet had the chance to record four original compositions for the Oe1-Radio Session at ORF Funkhaus in Vienna. The program was streamed on the 26th of February in 2023.
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Festivals: Carinthian Jazzfestival “Jazzhochburg Kärnten” (2022), Viennese Jazzfestival “ViennaJazzFloor” (2023)


Robert Unterköfler (*1992, Villach)

Robert Unterköfler is an Austrian saxophonist and composer. Besides the saxophone as his main-instrument, he also plays clarinet, flute &electronic wind instruments.
Robert holds a Bachelor-degree from the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK) and finished his Masters at the Jam Music Lab University. For his studies he also was living in Groningen and Rotterdam.
Robert has been collaborating with musicians all over the world. He is a very versatile musician and therefor part of many different projects such as Orjazztra Vienna, lead by Christian Muthspiel, Slowklang, founded by the Austrian singer Amina Bouroyen, or the Valentin Duit Quartett. With his own projects Rote Welt Quintett, zwölf nach vier and his latest solo-project Sidrat he was able to celebrate great achievements.

Bruno-Gironcoli-Prize (2022)
Oe1-Jazz-Scholarship (2018)

Latest Releases:
Album “Bernstein in Vienna” with PETER ERSKINE (Origin Records), 2024
Album “Synergy” with Alan Bartus (Quinton Records), 2024
Album “La Melodia della Strada” with Orjazztra Vienna (Col-legno), 2023
Album “Conspiracy” with Tobias Hoffmann Jazz Orchestra (MONS Records), 2022

Erik Asatrian (*1997, Klagenfurt)

Erik Asatrian is an Austrian / Armenian piano player and producer, who specializes in the field of electronic sound-design.
He holds a Bachelor-degree from the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK) and is currently teaching Pop-Keyboard and Production at the Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität (GMPU) in Klagenfurt.
Through the mixture of different influences from jazz, classical music,
Armenian folk music and electronic elements, Erik created his own,
individual musical language. He can be heard in many projects such as the
Joander Cruz Quartet or in his collaboration EXEA with the Iranian singer EMMA, in which he mainly acts as an producer and sound-designer. With this project they could celebrate great achievements, as they were invited to perform in San Francisco, LA and London.

Latest Releases:
EP „The Last One“ with EXEA, 2023
EP „Run Away With You“ with EXEA, 2023
EP „Cookin‘ Up“ with LOKY, 2023
Album „Native“ with the Joander Cruz Quartet, 2023

Nina Feldgrill (*1999, Vienna)

Nina Feldgrill is a Viennese electric bass player. She studied BA Jazz-Bass at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK) and is currently pursuing her Masters at the Jam Music Lab University, where she is honored with an overall-scholarship.
Nina has been collaborating with musicians from the Austrian Jazz-scene such as Thomas Kugi, Herwig Gradischnig, Oliver Gattringer, Mario Gonzi, John Arman etc. in different kinds of projects, such as the Werner Feldgrill Project or George Benson Collaboration since the age of 15.
She is currently part of several projects such as VIBERQUEEN, founded by
Austrian vocalist Magdalena Hahnkamper, Planet Yoni, founded by Australian saxophonist Alana McPherson and is collaborating with the famous Iranian singer EMMA. Besides river she also leads the duo-project Unterköfler/Feldgrill.

Oe1 Jazz-Scholarship (2024)
2nd place „arte4artists“ Scholarship – river (2023)

Latest Releases:
EP “Papageier Playa” by VIBERQUEEN, (Unit Records) 2024
EP “Indigo” by VIBERQUEEN (Unit Records), 2024
EP “Kraftkonsum” by VIBERQUEEN, (Unit Records), 2024
EP “Turn Left” by Unterköfler/Feldgrill, (Rote Welt Records), 2023
EP “Who Knew?” by Unterköfler/Feldgrill, (Rote Welt Records), 2022

Simon Springer (*1991, Innsbruck)

Simon Springer is an Austrian drummer. He holds a Master from the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK).
Simon is a big part of the Austrian Jazz, Fusion and Contemporary Music- scene (Jakob Zimmermann Trio, Gene Pritsker, Rens Newland, etc.) as well as the Austrian Pop-scene (Wolfgang Ambros, Gert Steinbäcker, Franz Morak, etc.) and has been performing all over the world (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India)

Winner of the Hansjürg Hensler Jazz Award (GER) with Tiktaalik (2018)
First place with distinction at the 1st Tyrolean Drummer Contest (2016)
Best Newcomer at the academy of the MeranOJazz Festival, Italy (2014)
Young Master of the Outreach Music Academy (2011)

Latest Releases:
Album „Singles, Grooves & Memories“ with Rens Newland (Jive Music), 2022
Album „Resistance“ with Jakob Zimmermann Trio, Edition Oe1 (ORF), 2021
EP „Be Yourself“ with KØLEEN, 2021
Album „Blues Indeed“ with Rens Newland & Fuse Bluezz (Jive Music), 2021