r i v e r

r i v e r is a new formation founded by saxophonist Robert Unterköfler and electric bassist Nina Feldgrill. Together with their bandcolleagues Erik Asatrian on keys and Simon Springer on drums the quartet presents originals by all the bandmembers. The music can be classified as fusion-jazz, however, the individual and artistic personality of each member leads to an overall distinctive bandsound. The audience awaits virtuosic, wild moments, which in combination with soft spots create a special listening experience.


Nina Feldgrill: e-bass

Robert Unterköfler: saxophone

Erik Asatrian: keys

Simon Springer: drums


upcoming performances

past performances

28.06 Nina Feldgrill Session Opener @ Zwe

14.07 river @ Basis.Kultur.Wien

23.07 river @ Jazzhochburg Kärnten Gmünd

14.09 18:00 river @ Reumannplatz