Master Thesis - Robert Unterköfler


The work with Hexatonic Scales is a popular tool to broaden the possibilities of musical expression concerning topics like improvisation and composition. It has been the main subject in many textbooks, though most of the times in an incomplete way. The aim of this thesis is providing a systematic exposition of all Hexatonics that can be derived through the combination of two triads as well as presenting them in a practical way. The Hexatonics will be examined regarding their associations, applications and occurrences in jazz-recordings in a theoretical and practical way, which will be supported by original compositions and recordings of improvisations. Furthermore, the experiment to find a personal tonal center provides a simple method that enables the reader to choose suitable examples from the large number of scales. Resembling the approach of several textbooks, I have added a number of exercises which aim to support the reader to master the Hexatonic Scales.