Daniel Holzleitner - Comprovisition

Release: 01.04.2020

Daniel Holzleitner – Trombone, Composition
Tobias Pustelnik – Saxophone
Piotr Lipowicz – Guitar
Urs Hager – Piano
Ivar Roban Krizic – Bass
Matheus Jardim – Drums

Recorded by Werner Angerer, Feb. 2019 @ Wavegarden Studio, Mitterretzbach (AUT) 
Mixed and Mastered by Uli Rennert for appartment 42 productions
Cover by Piotr Lipowicz

Daniel Holzleitner Comprovisition Project

Inspired by the classic Jazz-Sextets of the 1950ies and 60ies, Daniel Holzleitner aspires to take this line-up into the 21st century by combining different styles, such as jazz, improvised music, hip-hop, indie / rock and 20th century classical music. For this, Daniel has gathered former fellow students from five different countries around him (Aut., Pol., Cro., Ger., Bra.), who add their personal musical ideas as well as their visions in order to create a diverse but unified sound. The band plays exclusively original music and combines composed and improvised music, from which the title “Comprovisition” derives. This results in a band sound that challenges listeners not only with sharp contrasts but also invites them on to a musical journey that consists of the awaking of different emotions and timbres reaching from dark / somber and melancholic moods to crazy and awkward moments to happy and bright feelings.

Daniel Holzleitner: Trombone, Composition
Tobias Pustelnik: Saxophone
Piotr Lipowicz: Guitar
Urs Hager: Piano
Ivar Roban Krizic: Bass
Matheus Jardim: Drums